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From achieving a childhood dream of playing professional cricket in Australia, New Zealand, UK and many more international destinations to finding love against all odds on the hit reality TV show Married at First Sight in 2019 where he met his now wife, Jules Robinson and is a loving father, Cam Merchant has lived an extraordinary life. But it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows.


Grateful for the learnings from his own previous personal and mental health struggles, he is now turning his pain into purpose from facing life after cricket to the traumas of surviving the 2004 Thailand Boxing Day Tsunami, Cam believes hitting rock bottom was the building blocks he needed to lay the foundation for a full life.


Cam is an international speaker, mental health ambassador, mentor, performance coach to young males and presenter for Gotcha4Life and well-being and mental health programs where it is his personal mission to engage, educate and empower those who may be struggling with a challenge, create good self care habits and self awareness to improve their own mental fitness and wellness so they too can lead the life they truly are proud of and desire.


Cam speaks about what mental health encompasses, health tips we can apply in our daily lives and the importance to understand how to recognise the signs and help those around you by simply showing vulnerability and opening up a conversation. It can change someone’s World.


High energy, real, vulnerable, passionate and enthusiastic for helping people find their potential and inner happiness in life and all it has to offer, if you just lean in, give yourself permission and open yourself up to it.


Cam approaches everyday with a smile and is happy in front of any type of camera; talking sports, lifestyle, wellness, entertainment, relationships and Dad Life and is a great advocate for his passion of mental health.

Cam is an ideal candidate for hosting events, MC, TV and corporate. He knows how to have fun, inspire others and get the best out of everyone.

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